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Manuscripts submitted must be in English or French. The quality of the language must meet the standards of the international scientific community. The paper should not exceed 20 typewritten pages (A4) double-spaced with wide margins. Whenever possible provide the text in electronic form additionally using any exchange standard like RTF or HTML or clearly stating the software used, the program version number, as well as the format of the diskette.
The title page of the manuscript should contain the following information: an informative and short title, the name(s) and institutional affiliation(s) of the author(s) and an English abstract of not more than 150 words intelligible in itself.
Provide illustrations in camera-ready form on separate sheets numbered consecutively and with descriptive legends on the back. Details, contrast and size must be adapted to the printing process. All figures and tables should clarify the text: keep theirs numbers to a minimum.
Please follow any good general style manual for references, footnotes and bibliography. The editor reserves the right to make slight changes in the wording of manuscripts in order to increase readability of the texts.

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